Wagerup Meteorological Site

In response to public requests, during 2004 Alcoa Wagerup committed to provide public access via a website to ‘real time’ weather data obtained by Alcoa’s Wagerup refinery weather station and also to display information relating to noise impacts and noise management.

Murdoch University’s Department of Environmental Science had already developed a user friendly Murdoch Meteorological website. Alcoa contracted Murdoch University Environmental Science to design an equivalent site to present weather data and noise information for Wagerup. Noise information was provided by Alcoa staff and noise consultants Herring Storer Acoustics.

Alcoa operates an on-line weather monitoring station on its property near the intersection of Southwest Highway and Bancell Road at Wagerup. This weather station provides a range of meteorological measurements that are used for operational as well as environmental purposes. Data is transferred from the Wagerup monitoring station at 6 minute intervals, stored and made available for public access at this web site.

In addition to weather data, predicted refinery noise levels are provided at selected points around the refinery, as indicated (P1-P11) on the map for predicted noise levels. These predicted levels take account of the current temperature and wind conditions.